Bright Future news (BFnews) 27 Feb 2011 17:20 -------------------------------------------------- Title : Muslim Brotherhood slams UK arrogance -------------------------------------------------- A senior member of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood political party has denounced the UK's arrogance and the British officials' interference in Egypt's domestic affairs. content : BFnews: Essam al-Arian, the member of Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of interfering in Egypt's internal politics during his recent tour of the country and his visit to Cairo.Arian said: Egypt finished with the British occupation 65 years ago.The Muslim Brotherhood said in a statement that the Egyptians do need the British Prime Minister's advices as they enjoy capability to manage their own affairs.The British premier on Monday attempted to steal a march on the US and Europe by becoming the first leader to visit Egypt since a popular uprising ousted the dictator after more than 30 years in office.Cameron said he wanted to offer Britain's help in creating the building blocks of democracy” in Egypt and the wider Arab region.But his visit both provoked controversy in Egypt itself and it also was fiercely criticized inside Britain.The Prime Minister ignited dispute by holding talks with Egypt's military rulers and meeting selective opposition members, excluding the Muslim Brotherhood.Cameron's spokesman said that he would also meet all opposition but officials traveling with him briefed journalists that he will not be meeting the Muslim Brotherhood, despite its being Egypt's most organized opposition.Inside the UK, critics branded the prime minister 'a disgrace' after it emerged that he has taken eight weapons manufacturers with him to the Middle East. End/