Bright Future news (BFnews) 8 Dec 2010 13:54 -------------------------------------------------- Malaysia’s Prime Minister: Title : Muslims Must Use Media To Counter Islamophobia -------------------------------------------------- Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak urged Muslims to use the media to tell the world that Islam is a true, beautiful and attractive religion, and not one to be feared that has resulted in Islamophobia. content : BFnews: He said: This was because there were groups that had successfully used the media as a propaganda tool to intentionally and systematically tarnish Islam. The problem becomes more serious when the propaganda becomes effective as some people start having a phobia when the word Islam is mentioned. This unfortunate situation happens due to the failure of Muslims to use the media (to correct the misconception of Islam).He stated the statement when launching the country's first Islamic television station, TV Al Hijrah, at Kompleks Pusat Islam, Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur.Najib said: Currently Muslims' media ownership was minimal and the lack of creativity of the existing Islamic media made them less attractive to the younger generation. Muslims today must act to correct the situation. We must act to give a true picture of Islam as a sacred, beautiful and attractive religion. Hence, we need to be media-savvy to realize our objective.He noted: Society should earnestly introduce and promote true Islam to the world, and tell the world that Islam championed universal prosperity and peace, and that Islam, before others did, had recognized individual property ownership regardless of sex, race and religion.Najib added: The world should not be worried or be fearful of Islam as the religion was not evil or violent as stated in Islam's highest constitution, the Quran. The term 'Islamophobia' had never existed in Islamic civilization before this. In Muslim countries, all groups can live freely and in peace and harmony. There, they can enjoy true justice.On TV Al Hijrah, Najib said: Its inception was timely and apt as it would be promoting noble values as the foundation and philosophy of the Islamic religious struggle. God willing, TV Al Hijrah will play an important role in spreading the true teachings of Islam. I hope TV Al Hijrah will be an important vehicle in fostering unity among the ummah (community) and accepted as an informal education media for them. For the non-Muslims, it is hoped that this TV station will introduce to them the true teachings of Islam and help foster harmony (with Muslims).TV Al Hijrah which started its broadcast on Nov 1 could be accessed in the Klang Valley through UHF CH55 frequency MHz 743.25, Terengganu UHF CH41 (631.25 MHz), Johor UHF CH40 (623.25 MHz), Sarawak UHF CH37 (599.25 MHz) and Sabah UHF CH37 (599.25 MHz).Sixty per cent of its content are locally produced while 40 per cent are foreign productions. Thirty per cent of the total content is produced by TV Al Hijrah itself. With its slogan, "Segalanya Bermula di Sini..." (Everything Begins Here...), TV Al Hijrah is a government-owned station and placed under the purview of Jamil Khir. End/