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“A story of Mossad “published
  A book titled “a story of Mossad “written by Hasan Khameh Yar has been published recently.
Thursday 8 March 2012 17:31
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“A story of Mossad “published
Bfnews: Arvon publication has released recently a book named “a story of Mossad “which deals with the how and the why Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Mossad ) established.

The book pointed to some of the operations that Mossad has done and also covers some of the assassinations perpetrated by this agency.

Mossad is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, and actually the most dangerous organization in this regime.

The organization tries to project a more frightening image of itself around the world via perpetrating controversial operation.

The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations which include targeted killings and paramilitary activities beyond Israel's borders

The 284-page hardback edition retailed at 5900 Tomans and published with 3000 copies. 

Source : ABNA