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West analyst worries on another Islamic Revolution in Egypt
  Ian Birrel who wrote David Cameron speeches during the 2010 election campaign in an article published in Daily mail on 30 Jan focused on similarity between Iran’s 1979 revolution and Egypt’s protests (uprising).
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Monday 31 January 2011 17:14
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Photo from EPA.
Photo from EPA.
BFnews: As Egypt’s protests against Mubarak and his government continue, analysts try to justify people movements in Egypt. In this way, they compare what happening in Egypt and previous movements around Middle East and Islamic countries. This region was never calm before.

The most important movement in early 50 years is Islamic revolution in Iran, so anyone compares it with what happen next. Also Islamic revolution is a source for movements because its effects on next movements are not ignorable. This fact leads Ian Birrel, former deputy editor of the Independent, to title “The flowering of democracy, or the birth of another Iran?” and warned about changing Egyptian movements to another Islamic revolution in the region.

YES! He is really worrying about another Islamic revolution and he is not alone. West politicians and analysts, both, worry about the role of Islam in ME’s movements and is it really necessary to describe the reason? They have very bad memories from 1979, when Imam Khomeini changed the face of ME and main fortress of West and especially best friend of Israel in Islamic countries became first enemy.

They are feared of new Islamic Republic in Egypt and try to scare people of Egypt. Speechwriter of David Cameron writes: “As we have seen countless times in history, however, uprisings are unruly events. They often start swathed in hope and end up disintegrating into fear, hatred and oppression. Nowhere was this better demonstrated than Iran in 1979, when the Shah was overthrown amid widespread joy only for the eventual imposition of a medieval theocracy.” (Read full article in Daily mail)

This paragraph means: Egyptian People should be aware of destiny of Islamic revolution of Iran and keep the kingdom of Mubarak, because Egypt’s dictatorship better than Islamic republic for you.

Such articles are results of fear from Islamic revolution and effects of late Imam Khomeini’s viewpoints that lead to today’s situation of the region.

Resistance movement of Lebanon, Hezbollah, is an obvious effect of Islamic revolution of Iran in ME that its victory in summer 2006 against Israel defeated west arrogant power. By this defeat, Egyptian people realize they can stand against Mubarak regime. So we can judge that Islamic revolution reaches into fear, hatred and oppression or can stand on its foot and even influence on global scene and change the countries of the region.

Movement of Egypt or Tunisia revolution base on hope comes directly from Iran’s revolution and support of Ayatollah Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran, who stands against west plot to dominate ME by supporting current dictators in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arabic countries.

In this situation spread of Iranphobia and warnings against Islamic Revolution and even lying about current position of Islamic republic is a predictable reaction of west media. So we can like Imam Khomeini say to west parties that "be angry of us and die from this anger".