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Imam Khamenei:
Islamic Awakening will be victorious
  Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the new movement that has begun in the Middle East and North Africa “will definitely be victorious.”
Tuesday 22 March 2011 03:03
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Islamic Awakening will be victorious
BFnews: Ayatollah Khamenei said in his speech on the occasion of Nowruz in the holy city of Mashhad: I announce that… that a new movement has begun in the region, this is the movement of Muslim nations, with the slogan of moving towards Islamic objectives, and [therefore] it will definitely be victorious.

The Leader said: Events which have recently taken place in the region, in Tunis, Libya, Egypt, and Bahrain are very important events… a fundamental development is taking place in the Islamic-Arab region which indicates the awakening of Muslim nations.

Imam Khamenei added: The Americans were baffled by these events…They could not analyze the events correctly and because they lacked an accurate analysis of these events they adopted contradictory stances.

The Leader added that the US has always thrown its support behind dictators. They defended [ousted Egyptian dictator] Hosni Mubarak until the last minute and when they no longer needed him, they threw him away.

Ayatollah Khamenei said Mubarak's fate should be a lesson for US-backed rulers and they must know that when their expiration date arrives and they lose their usefulness they will be thrown away like a used tissue.

the Leader referring to US President Barack Obama's message to the Iranian people on the occasion of Nowruz and went on to say: The real hypocrite is the US. With regards to Egypt they said we are with the [Egyptian] nation but they lied. They cooperated with the nation's enemy until the very last moment. They said the same thing about Tunis, that we support the people. Now the US president sends a message to the Iranian people that we support you.

Imam Khamenei added: Awakening of Muslim Ummah is exactly what Iranians chanted in their slogans for tens of years and it is now reflected in the said countries’ lifestyle today.

The Paramount Leader said Islamic direction and the public are two main features of regional developments.

Ayatollah Khamenei said humiliation of the public is the main reason for popular uprisings in the region and then added: In Egypt, Tunisia and other regional states people were humiliated by tyrant rulers. Egyptian people observed that their president, who is atop of their country’s power echelon, is committing the most heinous crimes on behalf of Israel.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that if the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak had not cooperated with Israel, the Zionist state would not have been able to pressurize Gaza and commit crimes as it wished.

He noted: The same is the case with other countries. Take the case of Libya for example. Initially when he came to power, Ghadhafi had anti-western approach but over recent years he offered big services to westerners and they saw with their own eyes that he rounded up all his (country's) nuclear facilities with a mere threat of the West. He loaded all the facilities into ships and put them at the West’s disposal.

Somewhere in his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the West’s hues and cries over Iran’s nuclear issue and said threats and sanctions failed to make Iranian officials back down from their stances.

In  Ayatollahanother part of his speech, Imam Khamenei said Iran has gained landmark progress in different fields of industry, medicine, supercomputers, technology and new energy resources.

The Supreme Leader said fortunately Iranian youth, whose average age is 35, are speedily progressing as is testified by reports of well-credited international centers. He went on to say: The progress is higher than that in many other countries and several times the average figure for the world’s developed states.

Congratulating the audience on advent of the New Year, the Ayatollah said the occasion can be used in favor of Islamic movement, man’s perfection, and spiritual and financial growth of mankind.

Imam Khamenei stated: We Iranians can use the opportunity to perform the works that Islam has advised us to do them, while familiarizing ourselves with lofty goals of Islam.

In the last part of his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei said the US has shown contradictory stances on Libya events recently.

Supreme Leader said: Americans were initially shocked over the (Libya) incidents, hesitating what a sort of analysis they should present. They did not know what is happening. They could not believe it. Since they did not know what is happening and since they did not have a correct analysis of the events and did not know the public, so they offered contradictory stances.

What so far has been obvious from Americans’ attitude towards the said and other countries is their support for dictators, said the Paramount Leader, adding that Americans supported former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak up to the last moment. Then he continued to say: When they (Americans) realized that such a thing (support) is no longer possible, they then stopped supporting him (Mubarak). This should serve as a lesson for the pro-US rulers.

Having lost their agents in the countries (Egypt and Tunisia), Americans used two tactics: opportunism and assimilation, said Ayatollah Khamenei, adding that by the tactic of opportunism, the US tried to use revolutions in the countries in its own favor and deceive the public by voicing sympathy with them and bringing its own puppets into power. They (Americans) failed in this case too.