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Journalist criticizes UK foreign secretary for anti-Iran attitude
  A renowned British journalist, Stewart Littlewood, in an article published in the English-language version of the Arabic-language weekly Al-Ahram criticized the recent statements by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague concerning Iran's nuclear programme.
Monday 27 February 2012 11:54
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Journalist criticizes UK foreign secretary for anti-Iran attitude
Bfnews: Littlewood, a regular columnist of the weekly Al-Ahram, pointed out that there is no document pertaining to any trace in Iran's civilian nuclear program.

He noted that why Hague says that the Iranians are clearly pursuing a 'nuclear weaponry program' while there is no concrete document in this regard.

Littlewood argued that why should Hague make a fuss about Iran's nuclear programme while Israel has destabilized the Middle East with its nuclear arsenal.

He noted that in fact Israel is the world's third or fourth nuclear power and the only nuclear power in the Middle East

Littlewood pointed out that the British politicians do not even dare to talk about Israel's nuclear capabilities in their private meetings.

Israel is the only regime in the Middle East region that is not a member of the non-proliferation treaty (NPT). This is while Iran is a member of NPT.

'It is difficult to realize that Hague's offensive stance against Iran benefits Britain's national interests or those of any other country, except Israel's interests,' Littlewood noted.

He said that Hague and British Prime Minister David Cameron enthusiastically voted to invasion of Iran while everyone is aware of the negative consequences of that war on people's lives and its irreparable damages on Iraq's economy and discrediting UK in the world. 'This is something we surely do not want to be repeated.'

Littlewood argued that it might be better for Hague to think for a second time before repeating the history. 


Source : Abna news agency