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Former American rap singer:
I found real peace in Islam
  A former famous American rap singer known as Napoleon from thee group Outlaw has admitted that although he had a lot of worldly possession and fame his life was empty from inside and that he understood the real purpose of life through Islam.
Monday 10 January 2011 16:18
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I found real peace in Islam
BFnews: Napoleon now called Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale told the Kuwait news agency, KUNA, in an interview: I was searching for happiness. Before I came to Islam I had many things like houses, cars and money but I was empty from inside. I just wanted to get the happiness from inside and Alhamdo Lillah (thanks to God) I found it in Islam.

Mutah who converted to Islam nine years ago and gave up rap singing said: It is important that we follow this religion because we will get our respect and honor and our happiness in life through Islam.

Mutah said he is convinced that Islam will grow in the West because Islam is the religion from Allah and Allah is to give success to His religion. He noted that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America.

Mutah said: The best way to face the anti-Islam propaganda in the West is to adopt Islam in our behavior so that people can see the true beauty of Islam. Secondly, he said we should take advantage of the media to let the people know the true face of Islam.

The former rap celebrity who currently lives in Saudi Arabia travels around the world preaching Islam.

On Saturday he spoke at a conference of Dutch Muslims in the city of the Hague and on Sunday night he addressed a 1000-strong audience of mainly Muslim youth in the Belgian port city of Antwerp.

He told the gathering: I possess three houses, many cars and million of dollars in bank accounts but I used to go to sleep depressed and thinking of ending my life. Drugs, alcohol and fame did not bring me happiness but that I found real solace in Islam.

He admonished: Take your religion seriously and keep away from drugs and alcohol.

Another former British rap singer Muslim Bilal told the gathering how he converted to Islam.
Bilal was brought up in London and loved music and money but did not find any solace in them. He also gave up rap singing after embracing Islam at the age of 19.

Bilal was guided to Islam by some of his Muslim friends and later he traveled to Egypt and stayed there for about one year.

Egypt noted Bilal was good for him as it helped him to get away from his surroundings and make a fresh start in his life.