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Libyans NO to Federal Administration System
  Thousands of people protested in Benghazi on Friday in a show of opposition to moves from regional leaders in Libya's oil-rich eastern region of Cyrenaica to declare autonomy from central rule.
Monday 12 March 2012 17:52
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Libyans NO to Federal Administration System
Bfnews: In a conference held Last Tuesday march 6th and attended by around 3000people in Benghazi, tribal leaders, militia chiefs and local officials who wield the real power in Libyan eastern cities, declared Libya's oil-rich eastern region of Cyrenaica as autonomous.

A move that has raised fears the country may break up in the wake of Moamar Gaddafi's downfall.

The declaration to give Cyrenaica autonomy has angered many Libyans who think that any greater federal system could unsettle the central government and even worse divide the already troubled country.

Officially, the declaration was received with strict and threatening rejection by head of the NTC Mustafa Abdeljalel who stressed unity in Libya accusing the gathering of being a separatist political project.

Joined by others from eastern cities thousands of demonstrators gathered in Benghazi's liberation square to denounce the federalist project, a reaction that takes the momentum to the government's side. The demonstrators waved banners calling for unity and condemning autonomy advocates.

One of the most serious problems rifting the Libyan unity and embarrassing the interim government. Though the declaration of autonomy does not have universal support, or a clear legal standing, yet the interim government has provide programs to contain defection and decentralize authorities, otherwise there will be consequences. 

Source : Rohama