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Australian senator supports boycotting Israel
  Environmentalists Senator Lee Rhiannon refused not to interfere in the campaign of boycotting and sanctions against Israel, despite opposition from her party’s leader Bob Brown.
Sunday 4 September 2011 16:54
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Australian senator supports boycotting Israel
BFnews: Her comments came after a meeting of members of the House of Representatives from both parties that included Wayne Swan in one of Max Brenner’s shops in Brisbane in South Bank to show their opposition to boycotting and sanctions against Israel.

The company Max Brenner is owned by the parent company,the Straus Group (Max Brenner's parent company, the Strauss Group) which is headquartered in Israel and provides support for the IDF.

The shop which is located in the South Bank had been the target of protests by supporters of the campaign.

Yesterday, the Senator said in one of Sky News’ news bulletin: "I see this tactic in order to support the rights of the Palestinian people." She compared this campaign to the racism boycott campaign in South Africa.

She also said: "I am sure that Bob Brown has another point of view", but she claimed that there is a growing understanding of this campaign in the community.

Source : Islam Times