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Former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman:
Egyptians cannot tolerate Mubarak
  The people of Egypt cannot tolerate the incumbent President Hosni Mubarak to stay as their government head for another six months, a Muslim Brotherhood official says.
Tuesday 8 February 2011 16:41
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Former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Kamal Helbawy.
Former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Kamal Helbawy.
BFnews: Kamal Helbawy told Press TV on the phone: They (people) know that there is a dictatorship and they cannot tolerate Mubarak for another six months. This is the problem. I myself would prefer not to go to the government and not to talk to them. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to avoid conflict and confusion.

He added: They want the officials to face corruption charges, to stop brutality.

Asked about the US role in Egypt and their efforts to keep President Mubarak in power, Helbawy said that what matters to Washington is its interests in the region.

The Egyptian expert stated: As the one who has studied the politics of the US for many years, I would like to say that the role of America is linked to their interests in the issues of the area they are covering.

He explained: They know where their interest is. The first is to protect the interest of Israel because the US is the biggest supporter of Israel. The second interest is the raw resources of Egypt and the Middle East. The third one is the strategic location of Egypt.

Helbawy noted: If the West, particularly the US want Mubarak's regime to stay in power is because of their fear from Muslim Brotherhood.

On Sunday, Helbawy thanked Iran's Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and all those people who back the Egyptian revolution.

Source : Press Tv