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Bahraini Revolutionaries to Continue Resistance against Al-Khalifa Dynasty
  The February 14 Youth Movement, a main opposition to the Manama regime, in a statement condemned talks and reconciliation with the country's tyrannical rulers, and stressed that they will continue resistance against the al-Khalifa regime until achievement of all initial goals and demands.
Saturday 16 July 2011 15:08
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Anti-government protesters shout slogans during a gathering held by the opposition Wefaq party on Friday [Reuters]
Anti-government protesters shout slogans during a gathering held by the opposition Wefaq party on Friday [Reuters]
BFnews: "The Bahraini nation does not accept these shameful talks and will continue resistance," the movement said in the statement on Saturday.

The statement underlined that the Bahraini nation and political forces are not committed to the results of the talks organized by the Bahraini government.

It also condemned the US and Saudi Arabia for their interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain, and stressed that the US cannot succeed in approving a charter like the 2001 National Action Charter of Bahrain.

The National Action Charter of Bahrain was a document put forward by King Hamad ibn Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain in 2001 and approved in a referendum in order to end the popular 1990s Uprising.

Reports from Manama said the al-Khalifa regime still continues suppression of peaceful protests in the tiny Persian Gulf island despite the regime's claims about its intentions for resolving problems through negotiations.

Bahrain's rulers and opposition leaders had earlier alleged that they had started negotiations with the opposition.

Anti-government protesters have been holding peaceful demonstrations across Bahrain since mid-February, calling for an end to the al-Khalifa dynasty's over-40-year rule.

Violence against the defenseless people escalated after a Saudi-led conglomerate of police, security and military forces from the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member states were dispatched to the tiny kingdom on March 13 to help Manama crack down on peaceful protestors.

So far, tens of people have been killed, hundreds have gone missing and about 1,000 others have been injured.