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Swiss bishop in 3th conference of the interfaith dialogue:
No dialogue, no coexistence
  Swiss bishop stressed the importance of dialogue in order to have coexistence and said that lying and dissension are the factors that destroy dialogue.
Tuesday 11 January 2011 15:06
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Pier Giacomo Grampa Swiss bishop.
Pier Giacomo Grampa Swiss bishop.
BFnews: In the third conference of the interfaith dialogue titled "Human Dignity in Islam and Christianity", Pier Giacomo Grampa Swiss bishop noted that Jesus Christ (PBUH) sacrificed his life for dialogue and said: Jesus Christ never used violence as a means for the dialogue to come to a result because dialogue must take place in a liberal honest atmosphere.

The pontiff referring to the importance of interfaith dialogue for church said: This moment is the very historical moment that dialogue must happen.

He defined the present time as: The time that we live in is the time full of depression, panic and danger and we are in dire need of disarmed weapon of dialogue. Coexistence does not complete without dialogue hence we have to resume dialogue.

Third conference of the interfaith dialogue was held 9-11 January 2011 in the Iranian capital Tehran.