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Sheikh Qabalan Calls for Gathering in Solidarity with People of Bahrain
  Vice President of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan renewed his call for an expanded scholars gathering in the Council’s “National Unity” hall on Wednesday in solidarity with the people of Bahrain.
Tuesday 26 April 2011 18:02
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Sheikh Qabalan Calls for Gathering in Solidarity with People of Bahrain
BFnews: In a statement he issued, Sheikh Qabalan said: Our countries appeal to the rational, sane and wise people to be aware of schemes and stay away from any aggression to safeguard the nations from violations and foreign plots.

He added: Our countries seek security, stability, unity and prosperity, and these depend on the leaders’ as well as people’s awareness and ethical responsibility.

He called on the Arab leaders to hold on to their unity and livelihood, confront any sign of dissension, work on repairing the irrational situation, and join the path of rightness.

Sheikh Qabalan urged the Lebanese to preserve their nation from any evil, damage or violation, adding: Lebanon is a refuge for its surrounding and a main resort to the national and humane forces.

He said: Hopefully, Lebanon will remain a basic pillar and a real support in confronting any evil, damage, or enormity. The Lebanese are required to commit to honesty and integrity. We demand everyone to stay away from challenges, violence, injustice, and work on Lebanon’s unity and strength.

He concluded by calling on the Arabs and Muslims to have mercy upon themselves and return to their traditions by following their prophets who dictate justice and equity. They should work honestly, serve their people, and support their nation’s causes that were violated by wars, conflicts and struggles.

Source : Al Manar