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Comic strip of 12th Shia Imam Mahdi's mother Released
  Danesh Amouz publication institute has recently published a comic strip on the life of Imam Mahdi's mother, Melika, by Amin Tavakoli.
Monday 5 March 2012 10:50
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Comic strip of 12th Shia Imam Mahdi
Bfnews: Stories about the 12th Shia Imam's mother like her life before marriage, and marriage with Imam Hassan Asgari are covered in the book.

Historical accounts have it that Melika, also known as Nargin Khatoon(sa) (meaning a narcissus flower) the daughter of a great Roman Caesar, was chosen by Almighty Allah(by a special dream) to become the Mother of ۱۲th Imam, Imam Mahdi (AS). Nargis Khatoon (sa), the princess, who was also the descendant of one of the disciples of Prophet Jesus(Esa), was sent to Samarra, Iraq, to become the wife of ۱۱th Imam, Imam Hassan Askari (as).

Comic strips are among the most popular book types in the world attracting millions of readers from all ages. The contingency of illustrations and texts may be the key to the attraction of the type to readers in all ages, especially youngsters. This is why the style has been chosen for the book to be appealing for younger readers as well.

The book contains interesting information about Imam Mahdi's mother. The toppling defeat of Romans by Muslim forces, the companionship of Melika with Muslims and her marriage with the 11th Shia imam are some parts of the book.

The illustrations are provided by Mehrdad Shahvari and the book's cover and page layouts are designed by Kazem Talayi.

Source : Abna