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Brotherhood: New Egypt to be bright
  A Muslim Brotherhood representative says that the new Egypt is to be a bright one with political change after the Egyptian revolution ended Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.
Wednesday 23 February 2011 16:45
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Brotherhood: New Egypt to be bright
BFnews: Essam al-Arian from the Muslim Brotherhood said in an interview with Press TV: New Egypt will be a bright Egypt, because over the last three decades Egypt was out of history, out of any rule. Now it is time for Egypt to return and play a very important role in the region.

Although al-Arian believes the Egyptian army is taking steps in the right path, he called on the members of the previous regime to leave their posts.

He added: We are against such a cabinet because it is a continuance of the last regime. We need total change.

Al-Arian went on to say that domestic issues are Egypt's top priority, stressing that changing the nation's relationship with Israel should also be included in the list.

Egypt's main opposition party, the Muslim Brotherhood, is organizing a new political party, planning to take part in a pluralist government. A presidential candidate of the faction, however, would not be submitted.

Following Mubarak's ouster, the military has taken a hard-nosed approach toward continued mass pro-democracy protests.

Source : Press Tv