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Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei:
Economic Jihad, officials’ and people’s effective weapon against enemy’s sanctions
  Public and private sector activists, managers of economic, industrial, agricultural, banking, IT sectors, and representatives of trade syndicates in a meeting with Supreme Leader Wednesday exchanged viewpoints on economic issues with his eminence.
Thursday 18 August 2011 16:30
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Economic Jihad, officials’ and people’s effective weapon against enemy’s sanctions
BFnews: On Wednesday night, the information website of the Supreme Leader’s Office reported that the 18 economic activists were present at the session that lasted over three hours.

Ayatollah Khameneie in the meeting emphasized the need for spending hard efforts, thinking wisely, and acting more rapidly in a bid to meet the objectives of the Country’s Twenty Year Perspective Documents.

His eminence added, “The enemy, resorting to the ineffective weapon of sanctions, has aimed at beating the Iranian nation and the Islamic system, but that objective out of their animosity will remain ineffective thanks to the economic Jihad of the officials and the people, and the great Iranian nation would full of hope achieve its deserved position.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said in his meeting with the top public and private sector economic activists of the country, “At the present sensitive point of time, this meeting is a symbolic move aimed at showing the system’s great attention to the economic matter, and highlighting the country’s economic dynamism and advancement.”

His eminence further emphasized, “The message of our meeting today is the need for paying more and greater attention by the officials and the activists in economic fields, as well as the entire people, to the economic issue.”

Ayatollah Khameneie said that presentation of the economic reports by the private sector activists was another objective of the Wednesday night meeting, adding, “As it was evident in the comment of the majority of activists, relaying on the will of the thinkers in the field, and the top scientists and technicians, Iran has achieved great advancements in such fields as production, service offering sectors, agricultural, scientific and industrial fields, of which the majority of our people are unaware, and the people must be properly informer of these national achievements.”

His eminence reiterated, “Talking about the advancements is of course not equal to ignoring the weak points and deficiencies, but pointing out these negative points must be with a tone aimed at seeking solutions, and hope-inspiring, so that the realities of the country will not be reflected diversely.”

The leader of the revolution added, “One of the enemies’ tactics in their psychological war under the current conditions is making the people, particularly the youth and the active generation, pessimist, and therefore, the country’s spectacular advancements and progress must always be put before the eyes of the people.”

His eminence stressed that the reason why this (Iranian) year was nominated as the Year for Economic Jihad was that the oppression front intended to beat the resistance of the Iranian nation and the Islamic system resorting to economic means, adding, “It is necessary to recognize the objectives, the means, and the weapons of the enemy, and to counter them resorting to the economic Jihad.”

Ayatollah Khameneie elaborating on the particular features of the economic Jihad, said that it is continuous, comprehensive, insightful, and fought selflessly, adding, “The point to be comprehended is that the economic Jihad is in fact a goal-oriented effort against the malicious and antagonist move of the enemy.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the major objective of imposing sanctions against Iran is paralyzing the country’s economy, reiterating, “The main factor in these sanctions is not our nuclear energy, because the sanctions began 32 years ago when there was no mention of the nuclear issue in the country.”

Ayatollah Khameneie emphasized that the Iranian nation and the country’s officials must wisely counter the sanctions, adding, “If the sanctions were effective and of any use for the enemies, the oppressors would have achieved their objectives during the first years after the victory of the revolution, not today that the nation and the system have gradually become immune in countering the sanctions.”

His eminence said that turning around the sanctions, and more important than that, turning to take advantage of the internal capabilities, are among the successful methods of the nations and the officials for defeating the sanctions, adding, “Pride inspiring countering of the Islamic system with the sanctions, just as we have had throughout the past 32 years done so, would successfully continue.”

The leader of the revolution meanwhile emphasized the need for materializing the objectives of the Country’s 20 Year Perspective Document, so that Iran would rank first among the regional countries in vital and important fields, adding, “Our competitors in the region are working hard and achieving the objectives of the Twenty Year Perspective is in need of greater speed, wisdom, and more disciplined move, and in fact, economic Jihad.”

Ayatollah Khameneie said that ranking first in the region is not a desire, but a dire need, that is fate making, adding, “Under the current conditions of the region and the world any country that would fail in equipping itself with the scientific economic strategies and infrastructures, would be brutally looted, and therefore, we must relying on internal strength and economic progress, materialize the objectives of out Perspective Document.”

The leader of the revolution evaluated the capacities of the country n terms of resources, talents and human potentials, as well as the geographic conditions of the country as “extraordinary”, adding that these potentials need to be materialized at first, which is in need of double-strong efforts.

Ayatollah Khameneie referred to the launch of the Twenty Year Perspective five years ago, evaluating the volume of the work done so far in the course of the 4th Development Plan as “good”, adding, “Some objectives of that plan, including the 8% economic growth, decreasing the unemployment rate, and increasing the investments have not been materialized yet, and therefore, that plan, including the 8% economic growth, decreasing the unemployment rate, decreasing the inflation rate, and increasing the investments which have not been achieved yet, must be gained resorting to double efforts, so that such deficiencies that have occurred during implementing the Fifth Development Plan would be remunerated in the course of implementing the Perspective Document.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also said that the major policies regarding implementing the Constitutional Article 44 (on privatization) have been applied well, but not sufficiently, reiterating, “In accordance with the ordered policies of the Article 44, the ground must be paved for having a competitive economy with the presence of the private sector, and achieving that objective is in need of further dynamism in implementation of the policies of Article 44.”

Ayatollah Khameneie added, “The objective of Article 44 is not merely delivering the organizations (from the Government to another sector), but side by side with these deliveries, in a bid to strengthen the private sector, provision of good management, prompt and serious supervision is needed, aimed at refraining from probable taking disadvantage of the macro-scale economic potentials.”

His eminence stressed that serious and decisive encounter against economic corruption is one of the proper prerequisites for encouraging the healthy and legal presence of the private sector, reiterating, “Campaign against economic corruption is one of the major pillars in this work.”

Addressing the government officials, the leader of the revolution emphasized, “You must be super sensitive regarding the occurrence or existence of the slightest corruption at the state organs and to deal with it ruthlessly and without any reservations, since otherwise, the economic corruption would spread like a catchy disease very rapidly.”

His eminence said that full implementation of the entire supportive policies for the production sector is of great importance, reiterating, “Production is foundation of the economy and in the framework of the Goal-Orientation of Subsidies Law, the share for the production sector must be allocated to it for sure.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution further elaborating on the matter, added, “Of course the production sector, too, in response for gaining such supports, must economize in energy consumption, increase its productivity, and renovate its machinery and facilities.”

Ayatollah Khameneie added, “Side by side with allocation of facilities to the production sector and supporting the producers, there must be strong supervision so that certain profiteers would not take advantage of such facilities for other purposes.”

The Imports and exports issue was another issue addressed by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in his meeting with the economic activists.

Ayatollah Khameneie said that regulating and controlling the imports is necessary, reiterating, “Under any conditions, the internal production must be supported, including the agricultural production, and the argument that the imports would lead to the emergence of a competitive market is not a strong logic.”

Regarding exporting the non-oil products, Ayatollah Khameneie referred to the very good growth in that field, adding, “We expect that our non-oil exports would increase to an extent to exceed out imports volume, so that we would become needless of our oil exports money.”
His eminence said that dependence on oil income is a disease for the country’s economy, so that shutting the oil wells for any period of time would be possible, reiterating, “Getting rid of dependence on the oil income would pave the way for the nations’ might and the Islamic system’s great advancement.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “Side by side with the Governments’ support for the exports, the exporters, too, must improve the quality, the packages, the diversity, the strength, and the beauty of their productions and their goods, and to deliver them to the clients properly on time.”

Ayatollah Khameneie emphasized, “To achieve that objective the culture of good production must be observed and that culture must be made indigenous.”

His eminence said that another necessity in the country’s economy is devising a comprehensive plan for the growth of the cooperative sector, adding that the economic information must be equally at the disposal of the entire sectors, indiscriminately and the entire private sector activists must have equal access to the opportunities for making investments.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that care must be taken over transparent dissemination of information, reiterating, “Limiting information dissemination to certain individuals would pave the path for odd favoritism, countering with is in need of providing access to information for the public.”

Adding up his comments for the public and private sector economic activists, Ayatollah Khameneie expressed hope that the Wednesday evening meeting would pave the way for generating incentives for greater and wiser goal-oriented double-activities of the entire people who love the nation, the country, and the system.

His eminence emphasized that the double-will, double-efforts fundamental must be observed side by side with the economic Jihad move, adding, “The future of the country is very bright and Iran’s historic background, cultural heritage, national capabilities and natural resources, all in all, are proof for the claim that relying on tireless work and ceaseless efforts of the officials and the people, Iran can achieve its deserved exalted status.”