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"Dark Universe" criticizes Satanism
  The issue of new religious Movements is criticized in the newest publication on the topic titled "Dark Universe: A Criticism on Satanism".
Wednesday 8 June 2011 13:53
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"Dark Universe" criticizes Satanism
BFnews: The latest publication of Boustane Ketab Publication, "Dark Universe: A Criticism on Satanism" by Hamid Karimi is an analysis and a criticism on the new faith among the people, "Satanism".

According to the book, a fast-paced growth of the issue called New Religious Movements is ignored by authorities, cultural and religious societies hence providing the ground for different fake religions to promote among the people.

Variety of these religions regarding the age and locality (Urban or rural areas) of the followers, their lifestyles (seclusion or extremism in sexual relations), rituals and sermons (prayers, meditations, ritual dances or sacrifices) reject any official existence or common grounds between them.

According to the author, contrary to many western, modern or post modern societies, Islamic Republic of Iran is not in a critical situation regarding the promotion and diversity of these religions, though the growth of these faiths is undeniable.

Based on the same reason, researchers, media, authors and the educational system are urged to confront these religions in different ways.

"Dark Universe: A Criticism on Satanism", in two chapters and several articles, analyzes the issue of the diminutive faith of Satanism.

In the first chapter old Satanism, their ideas, duties and traditions as well as their holy book is analyzed while the second chapter is and elaboration of the modern Satanism and Satanic Church which has evolved in 20th century.

The author, in the first chapter of the book, gives a definition for Satan Church, background, its founder and the holy book as well as the hubs for this faith.

In the second chapter, the time for Satanism rituals, initiation ceremony, black prayer and their ceremony for sacrifice.

Human Rights in the view of Satanism are also included in this book for which the author brings criticisms beside the relation between Zionism and Satanism.

The author also writes about the expansion of Satanism in Iran and mentions the arena of the diminutive faith to range from internet, parties and spread of their symbols.

The author criticizes the book based on the defections of the faith including insolubility of creation in Satanism, ignorance and a fear of death, skepticism, materialism and failure in achieving goals of life.

Source : Taqrib Newa Agency