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Yemenis urge end to Saleh's support
  Anti-regime protesters in Yemen have called on Saudi Arabia and its (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council ([P]GCC) allies to stop supporting President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
Saturday 21 May 2011 18:11
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Yemenis urge end to Saleh
BFnews: People hold their long-time ruler responsible for the brutal killing of hundreds of pro-democracy demonstrators.

One protester said: I don't think these initiatives would be effective. All the agreements by the [P]GCC from the first to the last one have been in favor of Saleh. Now we are in [a] crucial moment, the [P]GCC governments should choose between the people of Yemen and Saleh. There is no other choice.

Another protester said: We expect the [P]GCC member states to abandon [their offer]. We will stand our ground. We believe that we will drag him out of his palace.

A protester stated: We want the [P]GCC states and the whole world to stop supporting the criminal Saleh... we want you to support the revolution, which is in the best interest of Yemen.

A coalition of the [P]GCC countries tried to mediate a deal for Saleh to leave power in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Saleh who has been in power since 1978, has repeatedly said that he will stay in power until the end of his term. His current term ends in 2013.

Source : Press TV