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Syria Underlines Resistance against Foreign Pressures
  Syrian Vice-President Farouk al-Sharaa said his country's leaders will stand firm against foreign pressures, and thanked the Islamic Republic of Iran for standing by the Syrian people and government steadfastly during hard times.
Tuesday 13 December 2011 14:17
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Syria Underlines Resistance against Foreign Pressures
BFnews: The Syrian official made the remarks during a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Syria Mohammadreza Sheibani in Damascus.

During the meeting, al-Sharaa described the relations between Tehran and Damascus as important and strategic, and said the Syrian leaders will never sway under the pressures exerted by foreigners to make them lower their friendly ties with the Muslim Iranian nation.

On political developments in Syria, he said that the only solution to Syria's domestic issues is constructive dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Sharaa described the Tehran-Damascus relationship as strong and strategic, and hailed the two countries' efforts and cooperation meant to reinforce the resistance front against the Zionist regime.

Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Reza Ra'ouf Sheibani, for his part, deplored the western countries, specially the US, for meddling in Syria's internal affairs, and said the West uses human rights as a pretext to promote its interfering policies in the Arab country and the world.

The Iranian ambassador said that the United States and other Western countries are seeking to meddle in Syria's internal affairs under the pretext of protecting democracy and human rights.

"The West and the US pressures are nothing but a big conspiracy against Syria and the resistance stream," Sheibani said.

Pointing to Western powers' political and economic pressure on Syria, he said that the Arab country is able to turn threats into opportunities and take major steps on the path to self-sufficiency in all spheres.

He also referred to pressures as well as political and economic sanctions against Syria, and underlined that Damascus can turn these "superficial threats" into real opportunities and move towards self-sufficiency in different fields.

He also underlined the necessity for the implementation of political reforms in Syria and reassured that the Islamic Republic will stand by Syria during hard times.