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24 Jan 2011 14:03
Ashura Philosophy
Muslims mourn Jan 25 (Arbaeen), 40th day after the Ashura uprising .
23 Jan 2011 13:49
Racism on the rise in many Israeli towns as Jews perceive they are under increasing threat.
Imagine, just imagine, the outcry that would follow an imagined call by a European Muslim or Christian religious leader suggesting sending hundreds of thousands of Jews to concentration camps. The Sheikh or priest or bishop would be lambasted beyond imagination, and his denomination or church ...
4 Jan 2011 12:48
Terrorist Occupiers
Terrorism and occupation are two concepts that are related to each other. Occupation is used to destroy any popular resistance which is formed in the country under occupation, to find the pivotal elements which control the resistance, and to destroy them.
26 Dec 2010 16:05
Jesus (AS) Rediscovered
Every year the 25th of December, celebrated in the western world as Christmas, affords us the chance to focus on one of the five greatest Messengers of God, Prophet Jesus (AS).
20 Dec 2010 10:32
Dr. Mahmoud Mir Afzali.
The tragedy of Imam Hussein's martyrdom is the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity which has not been seen or heard of in any other nations in the world.
14 Dec 2010 10:20
Role of Religious Deviation in Leading to Karbala
The Islamic community in the year the event of Karbalā took place, had greatly differed from that in the last year of Prophet’s life. The trend of deviation had been however gradual, according to many of researchers, the basis thereof was established from the first years after the Prophet’s departure....
11 Dec 2010 16:00
The outstanding 19th century English authors, Herbert George Wells.
Widely known as "The Father Science Fiction" and one of the outstanding 19th century English authors, Herbert George Wells describes the battle of Karbala and the story of Imam Hussein's martyrdom in his sermon "Imam Hussein".
8 Dec 2010 11:39
Hussein in Global Eyes: The Right is the Might
The Month of Muharram has arrived, the first month of the Islamic calendar in which Muslims commemorate a true epic of human history. On the 10th of the Islamic month of Muharram, Imam Hussein (PBUH) fought the battle of Karbala. Unlike all the battles fought throughout history until this time, Imam ...
22 Nov 2010 13:02
Showing Honor and Reverence Towards Worthy People
In Islam, the act of showing honor and reverence towards worthy people, people who established culture and whose names made a difference in history, is called Ziarat.
21 Nov 2010 15:46
Edoardo Agnelli.
Agnelli was the victim of a Zionist plot to prevent a Muslim from inheriting all the wealth of the Agnellis.
15 Nov 2010 11:09
Israel Ponty Moletsane is on the journey of a lifetime.
Israel Ponty Moletsane truly is on the journey of a lifetime this year. The 29-year-old South African radio producer converted from Christianity to Islam last year, and now he has traveled to the holy land to perform the Haj.
14 Nov 2010 11:12
"Shahriya: Monthly Salary or Scholarship"
Shahriya, the monthly salary or scholarship, is given to students who are studying religious lessons and are not working at any other place.
13 Nov 2010 14:52
President Obama, Israel and Muslims: A possible flip flop in relationship?
Heading to Asia this week in part of President Obama’s 10-day trip to “strengthen economic ties” with the regions emerging economies, one can’t help but notice Obama’s resurfacing attempt to strengthen ties with the Muslim world. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the US this week ...
25 Oct 2010 15:18
Imam Mahdi (A.S.) In Ahadith
The Views of Muhyi-ad Din Ibn Arabi on the Infallibility of Imam Mahdi (AS): Ibn Arabi in his works "Futuhat Al-Makkiya" (The Meccan Revelations) says: "Mahdi (AS), during his time is the sign of Allah for the people of the world. His position is like that of the Prophets' (Peace Be Upon Them) which ...